Some Growing Opportunities In Crucial Aspects For Ball Gowns

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All its deals are sourced from Amazon, so you dont have to worry aboutfulfillment, shipping or customer service issues. Plus, a majorityof the recommended products includePrime shipping, for faster, 2-day delivery. The idea with Nugget is to offer an alternative to popular shopping apps like Wish, which also cater to bargain hunters . But the problem with Wish is that its collection of low-costunbranded clothes, jewelry, household items, smartphone cases, and more largely comes directly from China. Wish shoppers tend tocomplain about lengthy ship times, poorlymade products, or clothing that runs smaller than expected though many are willing to deal with the downsides in return for the ridiculously low prices. Nugget is also similar in other ways to Canopy , a shopping app that curates Amazons best products. However, Canopys suggestions arent necessarily low-cost items. Amazon is also now offering its own curated store through a site feature called Interesting Finds . Nugget, meanwhile, is carving out a niche thats focused more on the deals to be found onAmazon. The idea for the app comes from San Francisco-based developer Tom Schmidt, previously a product manager at both Facebook and Instagram. He says that apps like Canopy and Amazons Interesting Finds were inspirations for Nugget.

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